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And…finally…the pen is mightier than the sword

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh boy! We ARE in exciting times. All of my favorite teenage crush objects are getting new and promising makeovers and new informations are released about them almost simultaneously these days. So being the lazy brat I am,it is all but obvious that I am short of my time in typing out my views.Now this time it was not all about me being lazy-I am juggling with a new job role in a new office as well as residual old responsibilities for some time now and needless to say I will be using this as an excuse to shield my lathergy.However the world around doesn’t quite sing to my tunes and they happily keep on doing what they do everyday- and so I cannot but jump in glee with this sudden overload of juicy tid-bits.The point in question is the introduction of the latest Diablo 3 Character- The Archivist.He appears to be a person in loincloths with an expected accessory-a druid like doom stick. He is possibly blind on one eye since he wears a pirate like eye patch and he has all the arcane knowledge of scrolls and tomes stuffed into his brilliant mind …. and  he wears slippers…. like Doctor Zoidberg. The Archivist of all things sure looks poor 🙂

Featured: The Archivist Vs Dr. Zoidberg..... FIGHT!

Featured: The Archivist Vs Dr. Zoidberg..... FIGHT!

To me the introduction of the male and the female variant of the characters did open up a huge window of opportunities for character choices but at the same time it provided them an opportunity to not put much thought to character creation and secretly rebadge upgraded characters from the Classic series’ as totally new heroes.It is all THAT obvious if you try to remember the “Sorceress Class” from Diablo II.To me it is more of a male and possibly poorer version of the Sorceress class sent to the town of Tristram wearing totally white slippers to make a bold statement about fashion and possible Zoidberg-ian ancestry. However the reason this release deserved a post on my blog is because of  “Shush” (the last part of the video below)- absolutely mind blowing ! Read more…


My first and the last few moments with Dead Space

February 16, 2009 5 comments

I was playing fallout 3 for the past month and like all other good things Fallout 3 also had to end.I mean I grabbed almost every bounty and explored most of the maps.I sold the downloaded Geomapper module data and grabbed almost all the bottle caps Bethesda had put into the game.I also sold evil guy fingers to the Regulators and earned even more money.I just couldn’t find enough reason to hold back the final fight and yesterday I finished the game- and I am missing it now.Why ? well I thought of going with Dead Space right after Fallout ended so that I can keep my subservient computer busy for a while and make its recent upgrades worthwhile.Instead I am scouring for something else now.A few minutes back I said it quits.After a long long time I am abandoning a good game and moving on.The last I can remember is that of Baldur’s Gate which I abandoned just because I got my hands on Diablo and Diablo Hellfire from a friend and just couldn’t manage enough time to play it.Now readers here already aware of my crush objects which include Diablo and Terminator series’,and so I am not wasting my otherwordly spectacular level 32 typing skills on why I abandoned Baldur’s Gate.

Its that goddamn Diablo again- now lets fight !

It's that goddamn Diablo again

Anyway,things could have been different.Dead space has the same chunk of chill that Doom 3 had in its age.Combined with excellent nVidia worthy graphics this game has absolutely no reason not to be a winner.And that was just a double negative in a single sentence.And there lies the problem.Dead space is one of the most discussed and expected games of 2008 and trust me it could have been big.But before you read my views any further,please go ahead and read this,this and also this. You will come to know the expected details that you should know before even trying to fathom what this independent rant wants to convey.

You had the potential my friend !

You had the potential my friend !

In this article I am going to discuss things in a structured manner so that video game anti-enthusiasts may take side with my pro gamer dislike for this game.

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The DEATH of a Necromancer

July 31, 2008 10 comments

One of my favorite characters in Diablo II-the necromancer had been my sole choice of character for a long time before I tried out the barbarian and then beastmaster.But even now when I re-install the game every time and play,my choice of character has been this pale white guy with white hair.The definition of the character has been more of a dark magician playing with death than a living legend and definitively well designed to be a man of power than a monster of do-it-all capabilities.Just to put the things in perspective the barbarian class,which a favorite among a lot of my friends,is grossly overpowered and hence broken.I mean the barbarian character plays the game like a two legged elephant in a Kevlar wading through hordes of minions like a monster truck running haywire among innocent skinny dipping beach bystanders.The character doesn’t take time to kill…nor does it implement creativity when it kills and thereby contribute very less to the mortality factor of the character.On the other hand the paladin character looks to me like Nelson Mandela trying his best to be John Rambo and miserably failing while at it.

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Diablo III: Blizzard brings back our favorite terror from HELL!

July 1, 2008 3 comments

The overlord of hell has risen again.The horrors of tristram are also back to haunt and curse your soul in your worst nightmares.The rotten minions of Diablo has been unleashed and five unique character classes has chosen their warriors to battle the eternal evil.Decard Cain is back with his vast arcane knowledge.Scrolls of identify and town portal are all at bay and on sale.Weapons of great power are waiting again to be picked up by a hero.Diamonds and stones of various degrees of imperfections are available to strengthen those weapons.Ancient and forgotten cities of lore are to be explored for challenging quests and rewards.Yes my friends,the greatest RPG is back and so far it looks like its going to be a big bang.June 28,2008-Blizzard announced Diablo III.Just in time since we have another great turn based RPG coming on – Disciples III.

So what is all this about ? Lets find out !!! Read more…