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8X10 Tasveer : The review

April 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Haven’t been following up with the latest bollywood releases lately. However the occasional trailers that forcefully numb you senses when surfing through the available bouquet of mostly useless and uninspiring satellite channels made me put two movies in the “should watch” list and 8×10 being the one- the other is “AAn dekhe Zara”. Now when it comes to Akshay Kumar movies, I find them as a sadistic orgasm of inflections with a bully-ing drawl and attitude , attitude and some more attitude- all the while every other co-actors cowering to the cornermost part of the frame to save their pony a$$es from the entire me-me-me blastorgasm. But you cannot deny the fact that despite his stereotypical bullying and drawlish inflections , he is one of the top tier paid actors in Bollywood today. So usually given a choice I tend to pass Akki-movies.However this time even the trailer was replete with intellect-as well as an indication of a possible mind f*ck… so this time I decided to treat this as an exception and watch this movie.

A short synopsis: Akshay Kumar is Jay- the only immediate heir to a very rich oil tycoon. He has chosen his life with the environment and works as a Forest Ranger to earn his living in the deep woods of  Canada. He is married/living together with Ayesha Takia in a small forest cabin and has dislike about his father’s business possibly due to the eco reasons. Also Jay can look into a photograph and figure out the few moments surrounding the time the photographs were taken. Literally he gets into the picture -though for only 60 seconds beyond which he barely has a chance to live nay longer.In this premise good old dad dies in a fell-from-boat-and-died-of-heart attack-in cold water event. People see this as an accident converging with the fact that dad already survived two strokes. In comes Happi (Happy with an i)- some paranoid ex police guy once helped by dad and thinks that this may be a murder since Jay’s mom denied a post mortem. Also a picture of the entire group was taken moments before the accident.Armed with it Jay sets out to find the killer and what follows is a rare cocktail of suspense and thrill coupled with a big time(though formula oriented) revelation that takes the viewer through a wonderful joyride of entertainment. Read more…


Top 5 actors fit to be a Batman in Bollywood

July 20, 2008 3 comments

This article at cracked got me really thinking.What happened if a batman movie would have been made in Bollywood.Who would have been the eligible casts for the role ? What could’ve been their trademark ?? Lets find out. Read more…

Tashan: A masterpiece of modern Indian Cinema

June 6, 2008 6 comments

I m ishpeaking english fully, sahi galat ko maro goli, I m vearing a suit tan-a-tan, underwear iz phir bi Indian – I m villian of old tradision, this my dear phellow IZ MY TASHAN – Bhaiyaji (Anil Kapoor) in Tashan

Faarsht impresshion IZ da laasht impresshion – Bhaiyaji (Anil Kapoor) in Tashan

Tashan was an eye opener for me.Tashan was a movie which made me think.I am never worried or ever judge a movie in terms of the financial profit it squeezes out in the box office from the poor Indian man’s pocket.I consider a film a to be a success only when it makes me think.Now over the past month I have come across a good number of thought provoking movies.I have seen the bollywood adaptation of  Stephen King’s Cats eye in No Smoking-in a sense it has been much better if you ask me.The movie makes you think in so many ways thats its really intersting.I loved the movie.I also saw Pan’s Labyrinth-a masterpiece in its own sense.Ignoring the blood and gore and the toture which reminded me of Hostel,the concept and the flow puts a lot of things in perspective.I have seen I am legend.Considering the alternate ending in the unrated edition , it successfully drew a lot of parallelism.I saw some more and if I start describing them then this post will be more about my provoked thoughts than Hairy Kapoors Moobs ( Man Boobs = Moobs ) and the dancing godess of unhealthy anorexia-Kareena.So does Tashan measure up to the list given above? read on to know that.

Read more…

BhoolBhulaiya – The Chudail and the bong connection

December 1, 2007 4 comments

I hardly manage time to watch movies. I also hardly manage time and money to buy overpriced tickets in a posh multiplex and take my wife with me. So most of the time our ‘watching the movie together’ translates to ‘watching the movie together at home’, the movies being generously shared by friends and colleagues .So last weekend, luckily that being a long weekend I happened to watch BhoolBhulaiya (The maze).I admit unabashedly that I am lazy.

Now why is a Bollywood movie review finding place in my blog? Does this qualify to be a B-grade exploitation movie with poor makeup and gaudy verbal exchanges? NO. Does this movie make you feel that it had been better to waste the time and money somewhere else? NO. Does this movie have anything to do with Bengalis? Heck yes! And that is what I liked and disliked about the movie.The movie has some very good acting from Vidya Balan .I strongly believe that she is qualified for hosting the next great reality show ‘Kaun banega Chudail ki pati ?’ if she decides to sport the ‘Manjulika’ look for now and forever J Now who the hell is this  manjulika ? Please read on!!! Read more…