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The aquarist in me :)

I have had a variety of pets in the past and I had planned to acquire one with my money when I get a job. So by the time I made enough money to support that I got married. My wife is not so affectionate to dogs which doesn’t look like cats or overgrown Rats with hormone imbalance. So that left out my first preference of a hound/Rottweiler/Retriever. We happened to have a long weekend last week here in bangalore and one of the red flags on our to-do list was to renew our son’s admission to his Play School. On the way we just stumbled upon this dingy shop in a dark corner on the first floor of a two storied  building in Marathalli Market which put up a signboard saying they sell aquariums. Now my wife never had any experiece with the wet pets but I did. Though she noticed it first , it took a little bit of on the fly gyan session which instilled sufficient confidence in her and we decided to check out what was on offer.

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included ;)

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included 😉

Inside we met the shopowner busy pulling out gunk from some unreachable corner of his shop.The shop was not even at par with the local shop that I remember from Kolkata. It had some 6-7 large tanks with water as murky as horse puke in pee and the air smelled like I have entered into a closet which was not opened in the last 100 years. However the fish tanks on offer were decent and colorful ones though imperfect in terms of finishing. After a bit of juggling with choices we both settled for a small red house like fish Tank.The shopowner promised profusely that he is going to provide ‘free’ air pump, filter, stones and air stone along with 5 pairs of free fish.We managed to make that 6 pairs of fish.The fish were very common mollies in various colors. One went belly up by the time we reached home giving a bold certificate on the quality of the fish. A little haggling settled the deal for 900 INR. Though initially had a heart warming feeling that the money was worth it, it wasn’t soon enough that we both started suffering from the buyers remorse.

Buyers remorse.......

Buyer's remorse.......

The biggest mistake we did was we didn’t do sufficient research on the net. The net result-a moderate quality air pump,an inferior air filter,no toys and a fish tank with no lighting arrangement – that sucks ! What has been done can’t be undone- but can be made good of and prevented in future. After an evening of research and two time tank cleanup of fish wastes due to an inferior filter I stumbled upon Cosy Aquariums. So the next day we took a cab to their showroom at Kormangala. And we were in for some treat-not even considering the huge varieties of imported fish-tanks, the sheer collection of toys and other junk along with varieties of fish really made it worth the travel. To top it off the people were genuinely helpful with a right customer focus and solution delivery based on requirements. To cut it short we had a memorable experience that evening and really didn’t mind the awesome 2290 INR we spent on 12 strikingly beautiful fishes, an imported filter with its own submersible sealed pump,lotsa’ toys and an imported air-pump with manual pressure controls.They apologized profusely since I had submersible lights in my list as well of which they didn’t have any stock. The only gripe I had was the staff on being asked if they have some clownfish only offered a very confused stare with a request for a photograph. Yeah right-that should be me !

Too bad I didnt have this then :(

Too bad I didn't have this then 😦

I took two pairs of Goldfish with flowing tails, one suckerfish and two strange leopard print sleek fishes with mousy moustaches while my wife settled for a pair of Goldfishes,one golden suckerfish and two fighter fishes. I am putting up some of my pictures and will update it with my wife’s pets when I grab their pictures 🙂

Got one of these Dalmatian Mollies

Got one of these Dalmatian Mollies (Not my picture)

Taken with my Fuji with muted flash





Last one for now...........

Last one for now...........

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