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Wishlist : Terminator 5

August 21, 2009 1 comment

Before I begin my continuation on the Terminator topic, heres a small synopsis of McG’s vision for the sequel:

In statements to FilmJournal, McG further reveals his plans to have the movie set in 2011, pre-Judgment Day. Skynet has figured out how to send non-Infliltrator Terminators such as Hunter-Killers and Harvesters through Time Displacement EquipmentJohn Connor is also sent back through time to fight the machines using present day military tactics and technology. While in the past, he meets up with the scientist played by Robert Patrick. [2] Rumors have been circulating that the next film will take place in modern day London, despite the fact that Terminator 3 shows Judgment Day happening in 2004. [3]

McG also hinted that John could very well end up meeting his mother Sarah upon going back in time. [4]

Love it or hate it this vision is not going to do any good if kept the way it is. There are a few rules which you should never cross. Rules define existence and if you break rule then you loose definition. Unlike the media branding which always projects breaking rules as something heroic-it is not so if not done decisively.And that is exactly what I must suggest to McG when he is hell bent on breaking rules even before he fully understands the rules that define the Franchise.

Exclusive: Terminator 5 promotional poster....

Exclusive: Terminator 5 promotional poster....

Anyway the focus of this post is not McG bashing but to see how Terminator 5 can be a less Epic fail than it already is.So lets roll………. Read more…


TSCC : Season Finale – Impressions

April 11, 2009 Leave a comment

*This write up was updated with new information post publication*

I finished watching the season finale of  the Sarah Connor Chronicles exactly 1 hours and 30 minutes back and I just found enough of myself back to write something about it.Though still punishingly soaked in pure awesomeness,I think my brain has started to analyze what hit it ! I envisioned that the season finale will be a blast – and decisively it was.Now given the  fact that the Terminator Salvation  is about to hit the theaters in about a month’s time,I really doubt that this series is ever going to get a season three.But I am really curious now that how they are going to proceed with the story since they opened up whole new dimension to the universe. Technically speaking, May be the upcoming movie is going to Terminate the possibility of a third season altogether.It makes more sense to put this TV series as a handover gesture from the Terminator 2: Judgement Day to Terminator Salvation.That way you totally get to ignore the cacaphony that involved Nick Stahl and was forcefully shoved down the throat as Terminator 3.Also the creation of a scientifically and politically correct parallel timeline they will have ample scope to resume or start a new series when all the Terminator movie hum has died down.People will love getting it back while they are waiting for Terminator 5.

Queen Gorgo : Awaiting a mindfuck

Queen Gorgo : Awaiting a mindf*ck

A couple of days back I was yammering about John Henry being the  MIRЯOR of John Connnor and the garbage terminator its loving mother and shit- and guess what I was again proved right 🙂 Garbage terminator has come back in time to build God since Cain and Able are busy mind-fucking each other in the future and Cain being the evil skynet-kind needs to be punished-by GOD. We see that Queen Gorgo is severely dressed down as a mom by the Garbage Terminator.Also it is heartening to know that even if the series manages to get a third season we won’t be seeing the Queen Gorgo move (Please refer here for details on Queen Gorgo Move) for a while-ah ! the relief for the really sore eyes !

Featured : The Queen Gorgo Move.....

Featured : The Queen Gorgo Move.....

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The day the whole world went away !

April 8, 2009 2 comments

Things have been pretty awesome on my teen age crush object front : The Terminator Universe.Now…now,even before my brain begins to puke oodles of fanboyism with a little bit of random sense sprinkled here and there I must tell you that quite disappointingly even by my own standards of resolution,this post is going to be about my views on the way things are turning for one of my favorite sci-fi post apocalyptic franchise,ever.

Favorite Sci-fi Post apocalyptic Franchise,Ever!

Favorite Sci-fi Post apocalyptic Franchise,Ever!

Terminator Salvation is long established to be the savior of the franchise and I have discussed all about it time and again,multiple times.And I still stay true to my old resolution that unless I see some oh-my-god-its-fucking-awesome footage which tickles my sci-fi bones to time delayed orgasmic spasms,I will wait to see the entire movie upon release to write about it.So the big spoiler here is this post is not about Terminator Salvation- well not exactly. I have been following up with the Sarah Connor chronicles as well-and I never found it intriguing enough to even write about it.Sure it offered a popcorn value to whole quite evenings but I never thought that they would ever make it worthwhile for me to type out anything-anything at all about it. Read more…

Latest Terminator: Salvation exposé- And a few post apocalyptic thoughts

March 5, 2009 1 comment

Readers of my rants already are aware of a few of my fetishes.And my previous moans on the super awesome-ness of a mere movie series can be followed here ,here and here.But first things first.Its time for the HD trailer (Courtsey : AEmovieguy).

But since I am not able to embed the actual HD video which overloaded my mortal eyes,I am providing the direct link here for your sensory block-buster-gasm. The 2 minute 31 odd seconds video suddenly changes the pre-conceived notion we have had about everything,including the terminator series as a whole.To start with Terminator Salvation was showing promise from day one but frankly it was never THIS promising.I mean who would have expected a music video graduate director whose past achievements have been a non s3xualized but unnecessarily violent ‘video nasty‘ called the Charlies Angels ? For the uninitiated and people too much into non-Hollywood movies,the movie I am referring to is about three perpetual hell hags who fly kick their bony asses up onto peoples faces (good and bad-both included) and then explode (faces) in an auditory abuse of infernal mating calls…….. And the director I am referring to is referred to as McG (pronounced Mac-Gee).

Hell Hags- Bony a$$ on face style !

Hell Hags- Bony a$$ on face style !

The trailer is rumored to have been cut by McG himself – combined with the ‘nine inch nails’ and the decisive ‘the day the whole world went away‘ – we get a trailer which soaks the viewer in its pure awesomeness.Seriously,if the impression I get from this latest trailer is to be believed, he is beginning to make Terminator 2: The judgement day look  bad ! Read more…

How the end may begin

December 15, 2008 1 comment

*The post is purely speculative in nature and whatever I infer or conclude here is solely based on the numerous publications and the recent trailer released about the movie and is by all legal and illegal means to be considered as a product of my brilliant imagination.McGee said umpteen number of times after the CHUD spoiler leak that only three people on the face of this planet know of the exact ending of Terminator Salvation and I am not one of those.*

While I watched the newly released US,UK and Japanese trailers repeatedly for enough number of times,I somehow had the feeling that in order to make this movie a real epic war story which will have enough fodder left for the next two films,the ending has to be totally outrageous.It should be something grand and spectacular and it should give the already cliched Terminator fans some new food for thought.And obviously though spectacular in nature the CHUD leak was a total WTF.What i mean is its not just simple to rip off some dude’s skin and fit it onto a metal standard issue Titanium endo-skeleton,the model of which was Arnold for crying out loud.Further how the living cells and tissues will survive on the Titanium is beyond any possible reason.So heres what I really think the ending should be like to make it SPECTACULAR.

Spectacular what ?? Dude you have to have red eyes to know even half of that

Spectacular what ?? Dude you have to have red eyes to know even half of that

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Most AWESOME Terminator details that io9 missed

December 11, 2008 3 comments

Well folks,yesterday I was at the game when the hi-def trailer for the terminator sequel was uploaded.I knew it first hand and I am proud to be one of the first to view it online and I immediately got some material for todays post.A minute by minute analysis.But guess what,I was lazy and those good folks over at IO9 were too fast.Yesterday I decided that I will do it first thing in the morning and after I came to office I decided to check if anyone already did it.And guess what learn’t why the folks at IO9 are so goddamn professionals.Good work !

Mind it this is not the video I used for analysis (same but i suspect the frame rate is different).For the video I used please visit here. Read more…

Top 4 DNA defects the Terminator Series had

August 27, 2008 4 comments

Terminator 2: The judgement day was the smash hit of that time.It was the judgement day for a new era of computer generated animation in movies which evolved into something called 300 in recent times.And guess what the entire series came into existence just because our mani rathnam of Hollywood,Mr.James Cameron had a weird nightmare that a robot from the future came and killed him ! I just happened to get a DVD set of the three terminators together and spent the entire working hours of a day watching them in tandem.Coupled with the prospect of another T-movie on the horizon its about right time we explore the genetic defects that characterizes this franchise.But first a sneak rare peak of one of the new terminators from T4:

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