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Aa Dekhen Zara : The Review

April 21, 2009 Leave a comment

People who read my previous rant should know that this was coming. A detailed and engaging view on “Aa Dekhen Zara”.I cannot recall when in recent times I have written two reviews back to back but it seems that happy times are back for my blog.  Anyway, more than a year back I wrote a review of the Neil Mukesh Starrer  “Johnny Gaddar” . I have mentioned there that this new lad showed promise. And he doesn’t disappoint here either. The only things I didn’t think has gone quite right here is the fact that his role has become a lot stereotypical. He is dirt poor, he gets a means to make lot of money not through conventional means and finally pumping up adrenaline to make the end justify the means. But this movie is not about Neil only-theres a lot into it.Lets start with the trailer:

Synopsis: Neil is an extremely poor  freelance photographer often having his a$$ boned by camera thieves,goons and of course,credit card recovery agents. Whatever meager means he has is because of a not so generous editor of a newspaper. One fine day he gets  a news that his photography mentor- his grandfather has expired and he should be there at his house to pay his respects.He goes there and comes to know from his advocate that his grandfather was working on something that made him take huge loans against his assets. Also he left a letter for Neil.

The letter...

The letter...

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The day my son came out clean-Thanks to Zohan

September 21, 2008 3 comments

Today was a red lettered day for me and my son.Today I managed to snatch him out of the comfort and safety of his mom-mom’s perimeter and introduced him to the monthly grind of MAN-a haircut,much to his Mom-mom’s dismay ! Now….. this was special.To me it was inevitable.I had to prepare for months to make this introduction to manhood as much smooth and assuring as possible.I know I have to do it again-when I will have to introduce him formally to the world of poontang and explain to him how to keep his happy zone ‘happy’ but I now have the confidence that IF I ever have to do it I will make a good job out of it. This was just the begining of our mutual understanding which I want to transform into a rewarding dad-son relationship where we can tag team together to have fun with the national pride and passtime of REAL MEN- enjoy mom-mom turn into a fireball with our antics and make the idle hours of our days into a real life Pong arena-save our souls from relentless brickbatting of kitchen items 🙂 It can’t get more real than this !

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Couple of Snaps taken yesterday with my new CENTRO – Verdict : The camera rockz …..

September 7, 2008 3 comments

The camera rockz big time.even better than my HTC herald @ 2Megapixels.Took it for a  ride last afternoon and thought of testing out the color and the fixed focus.Simply superb! Took the snaps for the cocktails we ordered.

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As I ride the wave of next gen Cell phones….

June 26, 2008 2 comments

Its been 6 years since I have owned a cellphone.I remember the days when a nokia 3310 used to sell for a premium price of 10k and used to be the holy grail of mobile phones out there…reason? it had an internal antenna…that means you do not have a stick poking in your nose when you answer or make a call trying to look hip in a public place.Frankly not many people in my country used to own a cell phone back then and the moment one flashed out one in a public place,you were bound to become an attention magnet.I got my first cell when I was doing my third year in engineering.After a lot of convincing and citing some fancy reasons I finally got one-a Sagem MW3020-a cute little silver colored handfull with its dick sticking out like its cheap-o brothers at that time.The rich kids in my college had Sony Ericssons.Didn’t knew or understood too much about cellphones and cellular technology back then but the ads of Sony Ericsson in the television were glossy enough to give a ‘middle-class’ upbringing the sparkle of desire in the eye.And Sony Ericsson T610 was ruling the roost back then.Compact dimensions and extreme multimedia capabilities including a camera-what else could a mortal ask for ?Numerous times I watched those ads and thought that if I ever make money I am going to get one for myself. But since my pocket and luck both are in a constant cometition of hitting new lows since my birth,I had my dick tied to the MW3020. Read more…