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The aquarist in me :)

I have had a variety of pets in the past and I had planned to acquire one with my money when I get a job. So by the time I made enough money to support that I got married. My wife is not so affectionate to dogs which doesn’t look like cats or overgrown Rats with hormone imbalance. So that left out my first preference of a hound/Rottweiler/Retriever. We happened to have a long weekend last week here in bangalore and one of the red flags on our to-do list was to renew our son’s admission to his Play School. On the way we just stumbled upon this dingy shop in a dark corner on the first floor of a two storied  building in Marathalli Market which put up a signboard saying they sell aquariums. Now my wife never had any experiece with the wet pets but I did. Though she noticed it first , it took a little bit of on the fly gyan session which instilled sufficient confidence in her and we decided to check out what was on offer.

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included ;)

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included 😉

Inside we met the shopowner busy pulling out gunk from some unreachable corner of his shop.The shop was not even at par with the local shop that I remember from Kolkata. It had some 6-7 large tanks with water as murky as horse puke in pee and the air smelled like I have entered into a closet which was not opened in the last 100 years. However the fish tanks on offer were decent and colorful ones though imperfect in terms of finishing. After a bit of juggling with choices we both settled for a small red house like fish Tank.The shopowner promised profusely that he is going to provide ‘free’ air pump, filter, stones and air stone along with 5 pairs of free fish.We managed to make that 6 pairs of fish.The fish were very common mollies in various colors. One went belly up by the time we reached home giving a bold certificate on the quality of the fish. A little haggling settled the deal for 900 INR. Though initially had a heart warming feeling that the money was worth it, it wasn’t soon enough that we both started suffering from the buyers remorse.

Buyers remorse.......

Buyer's remorse.......

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John Rambo-The bloodiest Rambo movie ever !

First a few Quotes:

…………Stallone is an international icon of machismo and Hollywoodaction heroism. He has played two characters who have become a part of the American cultural lexicon: Rocky Balboa, the boxer who overcame all odds to become a champion, and John Rambo, a sensitive soldier who specialized in violent rescues and revenge…Wikipedia

“As you get older, the pituitary gland slows and you feel older, your bones narrow. This stuff gives your body a boost and you feel and look good. Doing Rambo is hard work and I am going to be in Burma for a while. Where do you think I am going to get this stuff in Burma?” …Sly Stallone Himself

“Testosterone to me is so important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases the quality of your life. Mark my words. In 10 years it will be over the counter”…..Sly Stallone Himself

What happens when you are about 62 years old,born to the weird combo of an astrologer and female wrestling champion mom and a hairdresser father,have birth defect of drooping lips because you tried ‘complicating’ things and started your film career as a hardcore pornography extra ? ….You make the fourth installment of a movie called John Rambo where you try beating the shit out of every living ass in the movie.Snakes,fish,humans,pigs…none spared.After I sat through the 93 minute orgy of flesh,blood,mutilation,rape,gang rape,homosexual rape and exploding human bodies involving at least a few thousand helpless burmese out of which 262 are killed, a few americans(of course includes the female lead),some dead monks , some pigs and of course the ‘Sunny Deol’ of Hollywood,Sylvester Stallone himself,I wondered why would a 62+ old ex marine commando get sentimental on his homeland and stay in Thailand making money being a snake catcher !I mean if I am not mistaken the last few films focused on Rambo living a quite life in a remote asian village.GROW UP! Thankfully this time,in the end, he comes back to his homeland…..may be Thailand just said “Please go away……”.

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