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Aa Dekhen Zara : The Review

April 21, 2009 Leave a comment

People who read my previous rant should know that this was coming. A detailed and engaging view on “Aa Dekhen Zara”.I cannot recall when in recent times I have written two reviews back to back but it seems that happy times are back for my blog.  Anyway, more than a year back I wrote a review of the Neil Mukesh Starrer  “Johnny Gaddar” . I have mentioned there that this new lad showed promise. And he doesn’t disappoint here either. The only things I didn’t think has gone quite right here is the fact that his role has become a lot stereotypical. He is dirt poor, he gets a means to make lot of money not through conventional means and finally pumping up adrenaline to make the end justify the means. But this movie is not about Neil only-theres a lot into it.Lets start with the trailer:

Synopsis: Neil is an extremely poor  freelance photographer often having his a$$ boned by camera thieves,goons and of course,credit card recovery agents. Whatever meager means he has is because of a not so generous editor of a newspaper. One fine day he gets  a news that his photography mentor- his grandfather has expired and he should be there at his house to pay his respects.He goes there and comes to know from his advocate that his grandfather was working on something that made him take huge loans against his assets. Also he left a letter for Neil.

The letter...

The letter...

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