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At the land of LORDI !

May 27, 2009 3 comments

Well guys, the blog took a backseat as I was preparing for my travel. Not many times do people get the chance to be at the place where they can get a chance to meet the band which some people (irwing to be precise) do not approve . I am yet to visit Turku though so once I am there I will hopefully put up a detailed report-but its not very far from the facility I am working from. Anyways ….. after a long journey through Frankfurt, I came to Helsinki. I will put up a summary of my travel sometime later but for now I will keep this post updated with photos I think is quite new for me !



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The aquarist in me :)

I have had a variety of pets in the past and I had planned to acquire one with my money when I get a job. So by the time I made enough money to support that I got married. My wife is not so affectionate to dogs which doesn’t look like cats or overgrown Rats with hormone imbalance. So that left out my first preference of a hound/Rottweiler/Retriever. We happened to have a long weekend last week here in bangalore and one of the red flags on our to-do list was to renew our son’s admission to his Play School. On the way we just stumbled upon this dingy shop in a dark corner on the first floor of a two storied  building in Marathalli Market which put up a signboard saying they sell aquariums. Now my wife never had any experiece with the wet pets but I did. Though she noticed it first , it took a little bit of on the fly gyan session which instilled sufficient confidence in her and we decided to check out what was on offer.

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included ;)

Featured : Catlike dog that resembles an overgrown Rat - Resident Evil Included 😉

Inside we met the shopowner busy pulling out gunk from some unreachable corner of his shop.The shop was not even at par with the local shop that I remember from Kolkata. It had some 6-7 large tanks with water as murky as horse puke in pee and the air smelled like I have entered into a closet which was not opened in the last 100 years. However the fish tanks on offer were decent and colorful ones though imperfect in terms of finishing. After a bit of juggling with choices we both settled for a small red house like fish Tank.The shopowner promised profusely that he is going to provide ‘free’ air pump, filter, stones and air stone along with 5 pairs of free fish.We managed to make that 6 pairs of fish.The fish were very common mollies in various colors. One went belly up by the time we reached home giving a bold certificate on the quality of the fish. A little haggling settled the deal for 900 INR. Though initially had a heart warming feeling that the money was worth it, it wasn’t soon enough that we both started suffering from the buyers remorse.

Buyers remorse.......

Buyer's remorse.......

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Dakshineshwar: A Story of beliefs,Strange Malls and the scorching Kolkata Sun

October 13, 2008 Leave a comment

* This post was written on Saturday-any reference to ‘Today’ invariably means Saturday(11th Oct) not today *

Durga pujo is the festival of the bengalis.Its the festival of togetherness for the communism fed and Trinomool stricken simpletons of the eastern most Bengali speaking state-a state sorry to say, no one cares as much anymore.Its the time bengalis all over pack their bags and travel to Kolkata to spend a few days with their loved ones(read senile parents and relatives who just refuse to leave ‘bongobhumi’ or whatever was left of it).Part of that travel usually involves succumbing to old traditions and some needless locomotion in a weather which though counts to some 27 degrees centigrade yet feels like 36 degree centigrade because of the abysmally high relative humidity.Add to that the ever inviting face of a scorching sun and you get you own shot of a sunburn tequila ! Coming back to the needless locomotion part.Well we have a family pujo of our own-its a Kali pujo.You can do the pujo during the scheduled days of Kalipujo or you can do it on special Saturdays where a lot of factors from the Bengali almanac fall in line.Also after all major events in my family its a custom to travel to Dakhineshwar and offer our pujo to the Goddess Kali there.This time the event was the first homecoming of sonny.

Foreigners snapping religeous madness while Mr. Oddball floats away...

Foreigners snapping religious madness while Mr. Oddball floats away...

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Of Traditions and shirky memories : Pujo 2008-Kolkata-MohaSoptomi

October 8, 2008 Leave a comment

The Pujo this year has been a mixed basket of anticipation-part filled with the excitement of returning home for pujo after so many years,the rest filled with the calmness and sense of belonging to my roots.In my previous post also I have touched upon the sensitive subject of ‘culture’ and how after so many years I came back to find that it has not changed a bit,only mangled and re-shaped in a horrendous way that is scary and amusing at the same time.Also as said before the pujo has always been that time of the year where I have lost something precious and dear just when I’ve had set high hopes on them.So over the time I have slowly tried to shrink the four day extravaganza to a single day celebration and holiday in the silicon lands.That said,from the perspective of loss this year has been no different.Now this is not the post about it and so I will not dwell on that too much;it will be enoough if I say that Kolkata is not the same as I left it about 5 years back.Pujo is different,the crowd is different,faces in the crowd are different and the values of those faces are different.

Ya devi sarbabhuteshu..shristirupen songsthita....

Ya devi sarbabhuteshu..shristirupen songsthita....

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Some things never Change :Pujo 2008-Kolkata-MohaOstomi

October 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Being bengali at the heart is a big responsibility.Add to that about 24 years of being a bongo in a coke can (read being brought up in kolkata-oops Calcutta))imbued with the supernatural and unforgiving juice of ‘culture’.Okay I spoke metaphorically too soon but I seldom tend to rationalize my jumbled thoughts when it comes to a little extempo’ on my roots.And roots they are,never went to Kolkata in the Pujo-s for the last 4 years,always instilling this belief time and again that I have grown out of that sentiment and that ‘culture’.I was so wrong.

Moha Ostomi Pujo

Moha Ostomi Pujo

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The day my son came out clean-Thanks to Zohan

September 21, 2008 3 comments

Today was a red lettered day for me and my son.Today I managed to snatch him out of the comfort and safety of his mom-mom’s perimeter and introduced him to the monthly grind of MAN-a haircut,much to his Mom-mom’s dismay ! Now….. this was special.To me it was inevitable.I had to prepare for months to make this introduction to manhood as much smooth and assuring as possible.I know I have to do it again-when I will have to introduce him formally to the world of poontang and explain to him how to keep his happy zone ‘happy’ but I now have the confidence that IF I ever have to do it I will make a good job out of it. This was just the begining of our mutual understanding which I want to transform into a rewarding dad-son relationship where we can tag team together to have fun with the national pride and passtime of REAL MEN- enjoy mom-mom turn into a fireball with our antics and make the idle hours of our days into a real life Pong arena-save our souls from relentless brickbatting of kitchen items 🙂 It can’t get more real than this !

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