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Wishlist : Terminator 5

August 21, 2009 1 comment

Before I begin my continuation on the Terminator topic, heres a small synopsis of McG’s vision for the sequel:

In statements to FilmJournal, McG further reveals his plans to have the movie set in 2011, pre-Judgment Day. Skynet has figured out how to send non-Infliltrator Terminators such as Hunter-Killers and Harvesters through Time Displacement EquipmentJohn Connor is also sent back through time to fight the machines using present day military tactics and technology. While in the past, he meets up with the scientist played by Robert Patrick. [2] Rumors have been circulating that the next film will take place in modern day London, despite the fact that Terminator 3 shows Judgment Day happening in 2004. [3]

McG also hinted that John could very well end up meeting his mother Sarah upon going back in time. [4]

Love it or hate it this vision is not going to do any good if kept the way it is. There are a few rules which you should never cross. Rules define existence and if you break rule then you loose definition. Unlike the media branding which always projects breaking rules as something heroic-it is not so if not done decisively.And that is exactly what I must suggest to McG when he is hell bent on breaking rules even before he fully understands the rules that define the Franchise.

Exclusive: Terminator 5 promotional poster....

Exclusive: Terminator 5 promotional poster....

Anyway the focus of this post is not McG bashing but to see how Terminator 5 can be a less Epic fail than it already is.So lets roll………. Read more…


Top 12 factors that prove Harry Baweja promotes “cloning” ……

April 29, 2009 Leave a comment

*This was something that I noted down a long time back after I watched Love Story : 2050.I wanted to elaborate on each of those points with sufficient justification but given the Epic Failure in the box office I think now that there isn’t any needed. Also this post will not affect the box office anymore. You can totally stay away form this post if you do not like reading about jumbled thoughts. This was something which I was going to delete today but thought of posting it for the benefit of the 50 daily visitors who visit my site even if I do not post. Usual disclaimers apply.*

12.Background music cloned from Depesche Mode

Just as it says,listen to Depesche mode-a pretty old and rare one and then try listening to the background score …so many times I just couldn’t do away with that strange feeling….

11.The futuristic Mumbai-cloned from various hollywood blockbusters and fresh out of the box

10.Robot assembly lines-cloned from I robot

9.Flying yellow  vehicles in Mumbai-cloned from Bruce Willis starrer Fifth Element

8.QT-cloned from Robin William’s Bicentennial man

7.Wowwee clones and manufactures the same 2008 toys in 2050

6.Starwars clone wars holographic communication projectors-cloned and fitted with the pinnacle of desi desire-kantabai

5.For some strange reason Xbox 360 is still called Xbox 360-hinting at possible cloning after violent fanbase demands

4.Tube-light sabers cloned from star wars jedi light sabers

3.Dr.Yoshi cloned straighted from Darth Vader

2.Dr.Ya cloned from Einstein

1.Harman Baweja Cloned from Hritik Roshan

Star-Trek: Where Gene Roddenberry never thought of going before !

April 14, 2009 1 comment

I am an avid trekkie,my first brush with trek was the sundays of my younger years when the original series used to air on Doordarshans.I used to wait out the entire week for that.My fascination with gadgets – may be- started at that time.I had a sweater which was just like the blue one which Leonard Nimoy used to wear for the character of Spock. And many a times it had been my improvised trekkie costume on sundays specially during the winter months. But due to reasons unknown Doordarshan decided against continuing it and it was stopped.Years went by and before we knew it we were already on the Cable TV era-by this time Doordarshan created and lost its metro Channel and people really didn’t bother anymore of what is being shown on the national television.Of the initial channels Star Plus used to serve us with cool US programs before its crushing indianization in its all hindi Saans Bahu Avtaar but the Star network came up with a parallel channel called the Star world which happened to air seasons after seasons of Star Trek: The next generation. Also there was another channel called Hallmark which used to air the other gem of Trek TV – “Star Trek: Voyager”.Coupled with the Mainstream movies, it gave the taste of Scifi like never before.

Starship Voyager: Catherine Janeway and her crew

Starship Voyager: Catherine Janeway and her crew

Now things changed-things changed with the release of Star Trek: Nemesis [Movie] and Star Trek : Enterprise [TV series].Both were disasters and spelled doom for the entire franchise. The internet was full of articles that described how old this franchise was and how unnecessary it would have been to continue with it. But a decision was made to remodel the franchise with relevance to the current world and present it with a whole new outlook.Guess what-the trailers are looking promising already !

In Contrast-Starship Enterprise NX01: Captain Archer and his minions

In Contrast-Starship Enterprise NX01: Captain Archer and his minions

Read more…

The day the whole world went away !

April 8, 2009 2 comments

Things have been pretty awesome on my teen age crush object front : The Terminator Universe.Now…now,even before my brain begins to puke oodles of fanboyism with a little bit of random sense sprinkled here and there I must tell you that quite disappointingly even by my own standards of resolution,this post is going to be about my views on the way things are turning for one of my favorite sci-fi post apocalyptic franchise,ever.

Favorite Sci-fi Post apocalyptic Franchise,Ever!

Favorite Sci-fi Post apocalyptic Franchise,Ever!

Terminator Salvation is long established to be the savior of the franchise and I have discussed all about it time and again,multiple times.And I still stay true to my old resolution that unless I see some oh-my-god-its-fucking-awesome footage which tickles my sci-fi bones to time delayed orgasmic spasms,I will wait to see the entire movie upon release to write about it.So the big spoiler here is this post is not about Terminator Salvation- well not exactly. I have been following up with the Sarah Connor chronicles as well-and I never found it intriguing enough to even write about it.Sure it offered a popcorn value to whole quite evenings but I never thought that they would ever make it worthwhile for me to type out anything-anything at all about it. Read more…

Latest Terminator: Salvation exposé- And a few post apocalyptic thoughts

March 5, 2009 1 comment

Readers of my rants already are aware of a few of my fetishes.And my previous moans on the super awesome-ness of a mere movie series can be followed here ,here and here.But first things first.Its time for the HD trailer (Courtsey : AEmovieguy).

But since I am not able to embed the actual HD video which overloaded my mortal eyes,I am providing the direct link here for your sensory block-buster-gasm. The 2 minute 31 odd seconds video suddenly changes the pre-conceived notion we have had about everything,including the terminator series as a whole.To start with Terminator Salvation was showing promise from day one but frankly it was never THIS promising.I mean who would have expected a music video graduate director whose past achievements have been a non s3xualized but unnecessarily violent ‘video nasty‘ called the Charlies Angels ? For the uninitiated and people too much into non-Hollywood movies,the movie I am referring to is about three perpetual hell hags who fly kick their bony asses up onto peoples faces (good and bad-both included) and then explode (faces) in an auditory abuse of infernal mating calls…….. And the director I am referring to is referred to as McG (pronounced Mac-Gee).

Hell Hags- Bony a$$ on face style !

Hell Hags- Bony a$$ on face style !

The trailer is rumored to have been cut by McG himself – combined with the ‘nine inch nails’ and the decisive ‘the day the whole world went away‘ – we get a trailer which soaks the viewer in its pure awesomeness.Seriously,if the impression I get from this latest trailer is to be believed, he is beginning to make Terminator 2: The judgement day look  bad ! Read more…