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Oba-ma-geddon – Episode Four: Conclusion

*This is a multi part treatize on the US elections from the perspective of an Indian.This in no way is a professional view on the subject and I am not an expert or a cognizant individual on international politics,relations and intelligence.It is advised that this treatize is from the view of an amateur and should be read with the same perspective. Anything that offends you is unjust , untrue and baseless because of the reasons mentioned above and I am going to take this as an utter insult to my individuality as a citizen of a free nation and act accordingly *

People living under a rock,blind at birth,wanna-be Homer Simpsons and really really dumb people can read my previous posts on this topic here,here and here before trying to pass a judgement on my political,sexual and social inclinations.Coming right back to the topic,I think it is sufficiently safe to draw a conclusion here that apparently theres no reason whatsoever that we as Indians should be greatly affected if Obama wins or loses to that 72 year old limpdick.Additionally the the outlook towards Indians will also not change greatly-it will just hop on to another equally irritating cliché which will in the end become the subject of another blog just like this one. Racism is a touchy subject and I do not want to get into a lot of details but even being on the safe side it is enough to say that teh racial sarcasm isn’t quite the true picture here.A good amount of Indians are educated and earn for themselves honestly and most definitely not raise eight kids.Thanks to Matt Groening to pull up such a character for his american viewers which is nothing but a sureshot ticket to getting his ass boned.Apu-from the perspective of an Indian (who live in India) is nothing short of a recially colored version of Borat.I know I wont sound impartial when I write the next line but it is something that I really cannot resist from putting it up-blame my bongo roots, blame my upbringing-I don’t care.The real picture I get in my mind when I hear the name ‘Apu’ is the  one without color below.  

I am Apu,I dont have eight kids and I am not dishonest.In fact I am such a timeless character that I can kick Matt Groenings Nuts every fucking day of the years to come !

I am Apu,I don't have eight kids and I am not dishonest.In fact I am such a timeless character that I can kick Matt Groening's Nuts every fucking day of the years to come !

Anyway this is not the post to discuss that.What i wanted to point here was that nothings going to change for everyday India if Obama is declared to be the Dark Knight. Then why was it that everywhere you see,you only saw his face-TV,printed media,blogs and I am just starting !

TV ? Oh Yeah, TV is so gooood!

TV ? Oh Yeah, TV is so gooood!

Well to the dumb media houses it is all about TRP and US Elections,over the years have become a money minting event all across the globe.But still there is another reason – a reason enough to be important and it is of some historic significance.For the first time there is a black president elected to be in the ‘White’ house. This gives a lot of weightage to this elections as it marks for the first time a wave of change and a sense of equality on a soil often made synonymus with ‘Blaxploitation’.This is historic indeed.This again means power to all people irrespective of the color.May be this is the begining of a new age where we evolve into a greater society where a Human being is judged in terms of his humanity and not in terms of his skin color.True it will take time but the floodgates of social evolution has opened as long as Obama doesn’t deliberately try to prove himself a douchebag like Michael Jackson. 

WTF ? A Black president ? Wat now.... I ahve to become a Black again ?..... shit ! I dont even earn that much anymore !!! [Okay how much will you pay If I declre myself a douchebag ?]

WTF ? A Black president ? Wat now.... I have to become a 'Black' again ?..... shit ! I don't even earn that much anymore !!! Okay how much will you pay If I declare myself a douchebag ?

Thats what the change really means for India and the rest of the world !

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