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The End of the world as we know it !

Come this Wednesday and the merry folks at CERN are going to turn on the Hadron Collider and masturbate watching three boobed interdimensional beings getting humped by the penis monsters from Spore (NSFW link),all the while gleefully ignoring the fact that the rest of the world will go to hell.You can imagine the situation starting monday to be a cross incestuous hybrid of the environments portrayed in Doom 3 and Half life 2.

The largest fucking doomsday machine ever built and guess what may be this time it will succeed !

The largest fucking doomsday machine ever built and guess what may be this time it will succeed !

In very short words,WTF are they doing ???

They are trying to turn on the largest particle accelerator known to man and smash one particle onto another just to recreate the situation called big bang which once happened long long time ago when none of our great grandfathers were born.Of course in the process they will create dark matter,antimatter,spatial time vortex and of course interdimensional gateways which will bring in beings that would revolutionize Japanese tentacle p0rn.Just to add,the mini universe might start expanding just like the one we live now and if by any chance it decides to accelerate it might as well take the present one into oblivion.

OMG who are those dickheads ??

Egg heads actually but upside down they both look the same-never mind.The last time they built a toy it gave us the internet and made assuring stash of a lifetime of all possible known and unknown genres of smut.

OKAY they look qualified but what should we expect ??

In the begining nothing.Soon you will know that the governments around the world sealing of areas. Rest assured those areas will have some sort of an interdimensional gateway opened from which one eyed mechano tripod tentacle monsters have emerged to rain fiery havoc on hapless citizens.Soon you will hear rumors about chaos everywhere…..strange headcrab lke creatures jumping on ur head and sucking ur brains dry,people eating people,loot and riots,army marching all around,reports of nuclear detonation like explosion all around….things of this sort.A day gone by you will hear people disappearing in the thin air , histories will be altered and alteration reverted and you will have no memories of that either,you wont be able to differentiate Rakhi Sawant form Rabindranath Tagore,confusion will set in,you will see the moon breaking off into pieces,eternal darkness, you will start to exist at all the places at all points in time.You will witness cavemen doing unga bunga,roman orgies,hitlars moustache shaving nazi routine and second world war all in a flash of a second and then suddenly you will exist no more……

WTF I think I should pack my bags and run just like in those disaster movies,should I ??

Run but where !

Is this all true ???

CERN guys say no,some other guys say yes.I say turn it on and let it begin….

But it can also succeed right ?

Of course it can,it can give us a mushroom cloud of information and data regarding big bang,worm holes,dark matter and dimensions.Additionally it will someday pave the way for time travel.It will also facilitate space time fold kind of interstellar travel as shown in the movie Event Horizon. Japanese P0rn industry will be benefited like never before.Tourism will have a big boom expanding with and into  inter-dimensional,inter-timeline and inter-stellar travel.The possibilities are limitless.

I am confused,what should I do ??

You can’t do anything,just wait and to help you in your depression listen to this song from Depesche Mode.

*DISCLAIMER: Things wont be so bad.Trust me…. I know a little bit of that science myself and I can say its sufficiently safe.Just wanted to scare you 🙂

  1. irwingd
    September 7, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    awesome let the pillaging and looting commence, Conan said it best:

    random mogol guy: “what is best in life Conan?”

    Conan :”To crush your enemies,to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of the women”

    I’ll just go get me a loin cloth and a BFS (Big fucking sword)

  2. Aposudipto
    September 10, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Heeeee.. HEEEEE…..i likd da ‘second world war all in a flash of a second and then……’ part spcly. Collctvly urs is wonderfull ijaculation ”f thoughts wth prevs concpts altogethr On Pissd off Cern n deir doings whch mite hav leadd few black holes Obssessd assholes scientst vry mch to Oblivion ‘f ill_calculatv dreamz n nitemares 4 sure!. haaaa…. ………………………
    And i dont blve evn after explorin da 96% unexplained Eartly matter i.e_ dark matter or watevr we will still b able 2 kno abt da realism or entities of ny possble constituent particles of few thngs or species rathr ‘da earth is survivin whom’,,lke Mamata Bannerjee, spcly Indn politcns Etc How big big bang bang we can execute by them!. …. With pple lke Einstein,Stephen Hawkins,Chaplin,Jesus Christ, Phelps,Bolts, obvsly on da list ‘f Non_analysables !!
    And if a part ‘f humn race cud survive few Explosions lke lke Groundbreakin WorstEnergies_freein or Suuckin Interdimentional expedition of company collidin Ghosts into da Underworld Wth Extreme Non_Intellignces wth unknown velocity resultin in huge uselss RGV Ka AAg wth errors No atomic results, N thngs lke DA Nostradamus” Perpetual, ever perplexin Prophecies n its volunteer volatile Promoters of it,, stuff lke Perfume”s aphrodisiac Ingredients(i mn wat da hell were dous,,cn sumbdy tel me!!),,..Y bruce alws cn make a face 2 smile lke nothn happnd evn if he s da last man standin wth Asthon Kutcher In da Space(evn Dien hard alng da 4th dimension) outside ,,n al ……Dere r no chances ”f Ny armageddon once more in da planet ,,! & yettt if it still happns as an Obligation of Fiction or only 4 da sake ‘f ‘f bad costly Lullabyiin extraterrestrial Entrtnmnt lke “End of da world” i will rathr choose not 2 die and Let my Entity b Transformd by Da Bigbang Flash frm it lke my Guru George Malley n wil help few pple n objcts not move @all 4 wrld’s as wel as da both’s security!.

    Anywy,, wat i came 2 know aftr all signifcntly s ‘Over the past billions of years, nature has already generated on Earth as many collisions as about a million LHC experiments – and the planet still exists.’

    one ritely said lke..it Sounds like another millenium bug scare.
    This machine was designed and built by scientists and engineers, if it were so designed and built by politicians, only then we should all be concerned!! As usual the luddites and flat earthers don’t understand the issues at hand and are whipped into a frenzy by a fear mongering press!!!

    i Think in Earth spcly Assholes r much more phenomenal n powrful dan da Non existnt Black holes. Evn sum r Universal Assholes too Lke holes frm George 2 Bush domain spcly!!
    Howevr aaj r tme nai….seshe bole rakhi tomai aaj ektu age amar kache khobor escche wth photographs dat In da sky ”f siligudi a Big UFO kinda thng has arrived MANE Indpndnce Dy like smaller CHAKTI R ki..! N it has coverd da sun Blackin Out da whol area!! Ami dakhte chollam akhon bostuta ki…kichu ‘third child ”f goat’like Aliens abar dakhte elo na to prithibir manusher barabari dekhe !!
    Amar icche etao ache je Tata, Buddha ,r Didi ei 3te dimension thke ebon koek hazar Krishokder erokm 1ta 18miles lomba pipe e dhukie collidr e Light er speed e -273dgree c e Jooooore dhakkadhakki korale ki Nano particle berobe tor oi Interdimnsnl Gateway die!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aposudipto
    September 10, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Breeeaaakkin News mannn…
    Siligudir akase Chakti ese roeche….!!!
    gnrly UFO der alws Tarai thake…dakha die i palie jai pache dhora pore jai Jaliati…!!
    But e maal Norchei na kichutai!

    Moreovr Yestrday lots ‘f poor pple had Manso vaat n all @nite wth a fear lest dey shudnt survive Nymore frm 2dy!! jai hok Ami Trilokeshhor Shankur sathe e bapare kotha bolte jacchi akhon!

  4. Aposudipto
    September 10, 2008 at 11:11 am

    And above all My reaction or sort ‘f expression 2 dis whol lot ‘f Bigbangs mishappnin rte now Is ……………………!**!*!*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr8DR8frP_s*!*!*!

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