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Cricket and everything not about it

I am not sure why exactly each city has a team which is populated mostly by people who are all but remotely related to that state? I am not sure why exactly it is hailed as the next best thing in cricket.I am also not sure why the religion of cricket suddenly decided that the players are earning peanuts and then auctioned them off at ridiculous prices so that they can sustain their laundry bills and satiate the thirst of exquisite girlfriends… the perspective here is these people together were already earning as much so as to support the entire fiscal defense budget of Ethiopia, PER MONTH! Nonetheless the so called entrepreneurial gamble of merging cricket with films has finally paid off and SET MAX had hit the right chord. But again India is a country which eats cricket, lives cricket, shits crickets and manufactures professional cricketers who get a cushion even if they do not perform. From the beginning the IPL kahunas bleated with a terrifying jihadist defeating vigor that this tournament is going to highlight the young. Agreed that we do see a certain percentage of youth in the team that comes to the field and even a bigger chunk outside the field on bench, yet we still see those old hags hogging for their share of limelight even when their performances were severely criticized in the international level matches. I am no expert but this is what that is.

Also I never fully understood why exactly some suave MBA types of likes of Harsha Bhogle and Charu Sharma become the ultimate presenter and the masala artist or even worse the CEO of one of the teams. Equally mysterious is the fact that he gets fired when his test team from the past fails to perform in a ‘perform-through-the-ass’ 20-20 tournament. I still remember the days of my yonder years when cricket was cricket, not a masala show of major Mandira boobage(not to mention the cheerleaders) run by some IIM grads.This is what wikipedia says about the boobage :

She is also very glamorous Television Presenter, widely known in India for her interesting dressing senses.

The mere presence of the yum-bee-yeas indicates that cricket in this generation is no more the gentleman’s game. It’s a business. Again name a religion which doesn’t have the glitter of business!

Now heres the nasty trend that has flashed its ugly pimply ass for once outside the IT world. I am talking about ‘retrenchment’ boys, to put it in sugar coated terms. ReTRENCHMENT so far an IT-only word until Vijay Malya brought up the topic to the masses. I seriously do not think that you really can bleed performance from your ass with a gun pointed on your head.I have seen this tendency across the IT corporate world. First time its beyond. No matter which Havard, Kellogs or ISB you graduated from, that’s simply not the way. It does more harm to the talent pool than actually helping it. Again that’s just me. Until you seriously break some policies and all you don’t deserve a ‘bang-in-the-a$$’ treatment. Again that’s just me……

Had an unpolished wave of thought about how the entertainment scenario is changing by the day and how everything bad about the IT world is becoming a de-facto on talent based jobs across the job board. We may soon have circus monkeys performing with an ‘in-the-a$$’ contraption (as shown here) with some more racism victims cheering all along….spreading a very happy feeling all around…..


  1. irwingd
  2. irwingd
    June 2, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Wats a stolen Dana? (referring to the link to my blog)

  3. June 2, 2008 at 1:03 pm


    well ‘Stolen Dana’soft signature should ring some bells.

    Last time u stole my Danasoft signature and used it as a header to ur old blog….

    But again i am not sure where u exactly saw that

  1. June 2, 2008 at 9:52 am

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